Firefighting systems

Sprinkler firefighting systems

Design and installation of sprinkler systems for fire protection of warehouses, distribution centers, production plants, commercial and office facilities, hotels, etc.


Gas firefighting systems

Design and installation of gaseous firefighting systems (Novec 1230, FM200, Inergen, CO2 etc.) for fire protection of server rooms, datacenters, electrical switchgear rooms, archives etc.

Water-foam fire fighting systems

Design and installation of foam firefighting systems for fire protection of technological plants or facilities for storage, processing and handling of petroleum products and flammable liquids.

Fire pump stations

Design and installation of pump stations for water supply for firefighting systems and fire hydrant networks.

Processing of project documentation

  • Design documentation of fire safety
  • Design documentation of firefighting systems
  • We process project documentation for all project stages – planning permit documentation, building permit, realization project, documentation of actual execution

Service, maintenance and repairs

  • Warranty and post-warranty service,
  • Repairs and maintenance of firefighting systems and fire pump stations,
  • Pressure tests and functional tests of firefighting systems,
  • Periodic tests of transport pressure cylinders.

Room integrity tests

Testing and evaluation of integrity of enclosures protected by gas firefighting systems (tightness testing for achievement and retention of gas concentration)